Audio Wave Interaction

A Unique and Interactive VJ solution for Events, Music Artists and Venues.


AWI stands for “Audio Wave Interaction,” a revolutionary VJ platform designed and created by Visionaries 777.

AWI was developed using a powerful video game engine. Every visual and scene is audio-reactive and runs in real-time 3D.

Interested in learning more? Feel free to contact us! AWI can be tailored for just about any setting or event!

Who Can Use AWI?

Event Organizers

If you are an event organizer, Audio Wave Interaction can be rented for your upcoming event.

Music Artists

If you are a Music Artist, use Audio Wave Interaction to get a unique and standalone live visual show.


If you manage a venue, Audio Wave Interaction can be programmed and customized according to your needs.

Why Choose AWI?

AWI is a unique and entirely customizable visual solution:
  • Our precision audio-reactive visuals are based on proprietary audio algorithms
  • Visuals can be designed with your desired look and feel
  • Easy to setup, no operator required. Auto pilot and 24h schedule functions
  • Auto adjust to any resolution
  • No video renders needed if content changed, everything is real time

Supporting DJ Shows

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